Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Favorites- Baby Essentials

Happy Friday sweet friends! I'll be joining ErikaNarci, & Andrea to share my Friday Favorites!
It's just a weekly linkup where you share your favorite things! Today I'm sharing all things baby boy!

...And I need your help!! We are registering for our baby shower today and I have an idea of what to register for. But I need help with your tried and true items you love!

The few things I am most stumped on are diaper bags and baby bedding.

Please please I need your input!!

I really really love this Lily & Jade diaper bag but there is no way at that price. I know everyone loves them but that is just not in the budget lol!

Do y'all have similar options that you love?

We've looked at Babies R' Us for bedding and picked a few color schemes that we like but again we aren't sure. I also don't want to pick bedding until I've picked the rug for his room.

Here are a few options of rugs I'm drawn to:
Ivory & Charcoal Rug

Blue Skies Rug

Blue and Gray Wool Kilim Rug

Does anyone love these?

Now bedding.....the crib & dresser are white so we are wanting to stay somewhat neutral but I'm clueless!!

Don't laugh but does the baby really need a bedding set?? Can I get away with a crib sheet & a blanket?

I love the navy in a boys room but again it will most likely depend on which rug we pick :). 

I am really into gray and think this would go with anything!!

Do I need a crib skirt as well?
Here is the crib we he will be sleeping in :).

Here is the crib and the dresser we've chosen so what are your options??

I know there are many more things I should be thinking about and if you have any ideas please leave a comment :). 

Happy baby registering day!!


  1. I like the first or third rugs! ☺️�

  2. I love the middle rug but I love anything new and modern. Bedding I know because of Emery being a girl I wanted a bed skirt to look more girly. I don't know if I would have if it had been a boy. I do know most sets come with a bumper and I know they say not to use them anymore because of sids. So I mean if you don't really want a skirt or bumper I would do the sheet and blanket but again that's just me. Good luck at your registry!