Friday, July 13, 2018

Rest of May 2018

The end of May always brings about graduation parties and this year looked a bit different!

Throwback to this picture....

....and now these babies look like this. 

Scarlett, Graham, and Lanson....three cute babies. 

One baby was all over the place :).

Brittany and all the babies!

Pool day at Dan & Ash's for Memorial Day. 

Mom bought Graham this little pool and he loves it...just the right size. 

Pestering Joe into wearing a Cubs hat.

So sleepy.

Sam and Graham.

Feeding himself.

Cuddled up and cozy.

Splashing away.....June coming right up!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Chicago 2018

We knew we wanted to take Graham to Wrigley sometime this year before he gets too out of control ;).
We checked their schedule and it just so happened they were in Wrigley on my 25th birthday so we booked it!

Another road trip!

We made it!

Noah found tickets in the shade and we were soo glad for that.

Get me out of this thing!

The best birthday yet!

Sleepy baby :). 

Him and that tongue lol.

We stayed downtown and enjoyed the city on Saturday. 

We walked over to the navy Pier. 

Such a pretty & warm day.

Stopped inside for a bottle break. 

And for a pit stop on the way home to eat!

(Don't worry we were parked.)

We stopped at Trader Joe's in Indy and then Bloomington to eat.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

May 2018 Part #2

Another game to watch Jaelyn :). 

Hard at work at Mindy's.

A tad spoiled by Nana!

Happy boy at Mindy's!

He loves holding his own bottle (I think because he knows I'll take it away lol.)

Selfie Friday!

Then we were able to watch Joe at the wax museum. He was Jim Davis, the man who created Garfield.

Love that smile. 

Saturday watching softball.

Off to a graduation party. 

Then out for my sister's birthday. 

Morgan and Graham.

Nana and Graham.

How long is my tongue??

Spent a day with Shannon!

Softball sectional will wear a guy out!

Eek! 5 months!!