Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Favorites/ 12 weeks

I'll just go ahead & make today a Friday Favorite!
It's not my usual post but hopefully next week it will be. 
I'm linking up with ErikaNarci, & Andrea today!

So I wanted to find a cute/memorable way to document this pregnancy. We haven't done weekly pictures (I blame work and Noah's school schedule) but there's not a ton changing right now so I may do monthly. 

For this first post I'll document the pictures I have for 6 & 11 weeks and answer questions about 12 weeks :). 

6 weeks :)

11 weeks :) 

12 weeks :).
Now that I'm posting this I am closer to 13 weeks but just go with it :). 

How far along: 12 (almost 13) weeks
Total weight gain: umm I have no idea lol? I'm sure not much but I can tell things are not as tone as they once were. 
Maternity clothes: nothing yet...I bought high waisted swim bottoms and I think that will get me through the summer. I also bought a belly band but haven't had to wear it yet.
Stretch marks: none!
Sleep: the first few weeks I was peeing 1-2 times a nights but now if I go before bed I'm good. So sleep is good right now...I'm just super tired!
Best moment of this week: umm announcing that we are pregnant on the blog!!
Miss anything: not that I can think of!
Movement: Nope. 
Food cravings: none so far....I just like to snack a lot in between meals. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: can be anything. A few weeks ago my mom put lotion on in the car and I was fine....she put it on later in the day and it made me soooo nauseous lol! 
Have you started to show yet: No not yet. 
Gender: Noah thinks it's a girl...I have no idea! We aren't sure if we are finding out as of now. I want to and Noah doesn'
Looking forward to: Seeing my belly grow! Call me crazy but I'm ready to see him/her!

Happy Friday friends....I hope you all have a great weekend! My best friend gets married this weekend!!

Thursday, June 22, 2017


I promised a few people that I would get this posted today and I am holding my promise!!

Yes that's right....we are having a baby!!

I initially created this blog as a scrapbook. My auntie has always had a blog for as long as I can remember. I loved going through her old posts of when her boys were younger. So when we were getting ready to get married I decided to start my own! And since then I have loved going & looking back on what we did a year ago or how my house was decorated for a certain holiday. And then we started thinking about a family (more on that in another post) & I had dreams of my children looking back on their childhood. Now those dreams are here!!

So here we are.....

I plan to do a few posts about my pregnancy and other such things until baby Callahan is here!

We had this Florida trip planned at the end of May and while it may have been a tad early to announce I had BIG dreams of gold balloon & beach pics.

Well God had other plans and taught us that life doesn't always go as planned LOL!!

This is the picture I posted....see that the two B's are balloons and the other letters aren't?

Well keep following :). 

So thank goodness Ash took this picture because it's the ONLY one we have of all of the balloons. And apparently Noah was making me laugh :). 

We drug the boys along to help just in case and when we stepped out of the building the A popped!
Not. even. joking. 
Remember that dream I had lol??

Well Ash was optimistic and thought we could save we obliged :). 

We moved locations and put the A down (Ash thought she could photo-shop something in) and set up for the next set......

...and then I let go of the Y! Noah didn't feel so bad about the A popping after that. She took a few pictures of just the two B's which ending up being the winner!

We decided to head down to the beach to try our hand at the cute Pinterest pics. 

This is probably the best one we got down by the beach but the wind was too much!!

And I have to laugh at this LOL!!!

Thank you to Ashley and her boys for being the best sport about helping!!!

Even though this was not how I wanted this to go, I can't help but laugh at the progression of these pictures!!

We are so so happy, excited, & thrilled that God gave us this wonderful gift! He/She will be here around December 29th!! We can't wait!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2017 Memorial Day Weekend Trip: Days 3-5

Day 3 started out with another walk :). 

Followed by a decaf mocha!

Then spent the morning by the pool. 


I love these boys big!

We had game night....Joe made a bracket and everything!

The third bracket losers had to blow up the rings lol!

Sunday morning I headed out for another walk and on the way back I spotted these flags. 

Coffee by the pool?? Umm yes!

I guess that's the only picture I took during the day. 

Dinner at McGuire's Pub was delicious!!

It was our last night....we were going to miss the Graber's!

I started this on the ride home and had it finished two days after....the best book I've read in a long time!

That quick trip to Florida was perfect!!