Wednesday, June 14, 2017

May 2017

I didn't take many pictures in May...not sure why!

The month of April we hosted a pet food drive and we posed for a picture for our FaceBook page :). 

Yes this is my boss (one of them lol!)

For Mother's Day we all headed to watch the Cubs & Cardinals play...we ate at a place in the village ballpark before the game. 

Noah & I are Cubs fans!!! But the rest were just there for the quality time :). 

They get married in almost 2 months!!

I love this man!

And we had to pose with Molina and sent it to Joe Graber.....Noah loves giving him a hard time!

Our Cubbies lost but we love watching them play! We didn't think we would get to a game this year but we did!!

May 24 (the last day of school) was declared Beth Buchta day for our community. She was retiring after 40 years of being a teacher....I never had her but I remember her from the little school. We were able to wear black & gold to show our support :).

That's all I've got....our Florida recap is next!! 

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